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Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual Colonoscopy

A virtual colonoscopy is a specialized computed tomography (LDCT) examination of the colon (CT). The process is less intrusive than a regular colonoscopy. A radiologist examines the virtual colonoscopy images to check for polyps inside the colon that occasionally develop into colon cancer. Patients taking blood thinners or those who might not be suitable for a traditional colonoscopy may benefit from a virtual colonoscopy procedure. A 10- to 15-minute virtual colonoscopy can be performed without anesthia. Atlas Diagnostic Imaging is the one of the Best virtual colonoscopy centre in Fairview Heights and St.Louis.

There are various advantages of virtual colonoscopy over traditional colonoscopy:

  • Minimal time is required.
  • Virtual colonoscopy is less likely to affect the large intestine.
  • Some persons who are unable to have routine colonoscopies may use it. It may occasionally be applied to patients with issues like swelling, bleeding, or respiratory difficulties.
  • Virtual colonoscopy might be capable to reveal sections of the big intestine that a conventional colonoscopy can’t.

When is a virtual colonoscopy performed?


Starting at age 45, colorectal cancer screening is advised for everyone, according to health professionals. A younger age of screening may be necessary if you are at a higher risk for colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer risk factors include:

  • History of colorectal cancer in the family.
  • Genetic diseases include Lynch syndrome or familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) that increases your risk of developing colon polyps or colorectal cancer.
  • Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are examples of inflammatory bowel conditions.

One method for screening for colorectal cancer is a virtual colonoscopy. A standard colonoscopy or stool tests are two other tests that your doctor might advise.

How to get prepare for a virtual colonoscopy?

You’ll perform a bowel preparation, or “prep,” before to your virtual colonoscopy. In order for your doctor to clearly observe your colon and rectum, this procedure clears your colon of all stools. You would prepare similarly for a standard colonoscopy as you would for a virtual colonoscopy. The day before your virtual colonoscopy, you typically complete your preparation.

Your doctor will offer you with advice on how to prepare for your virtual colonoscopy, which may include:

  • Enemas: Medicines that you inject into your rectum to induce bowel movement.
  • Laxatives: Substances that cause frequent bowel motions, either as liquids or powders.
  • Clear liquid diet: You can be restricted to clear liquids like water, fat-free broth, apple juice, and simple coffee or tea the day before your surgery. A list of foods you can eat and drink while getting ready will be provided to you by your provider.
  • Fasting: Before your procedure, you won’t be able to eat or drink anything for a while.
  • Drinking a contrast medium: On the virtual colonoscopy, this liquid aids in your provider’s ability to see your colon clearly.

A successful virtual colonoscopy requires careful bowel preparation. During your preparation period, make arrangements to remain at home and close to a toilet because it will cause frequent, watery diarrhea.

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Virtual Colonoscopy Diagnostic: A Non-invasive Screening Method

A non-invasive approach to colon cancer screening with virtual colonoscopy diagnostic. By utilizing advanced imaging technology, this procedure offers a safer and more comfortable alternative to traditional colonoscopies. Experience accurate results and early detection of abnormalities without the need for invasive measures – Virtual colonoscopy diagnostic